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Full Body Suits Shields Some Armor Examples
  • City Guardsman
  • Mercenary
  • Knight

Armor Value: Each piece of armor offers its wearer a point or more of AV, which is usually added to a warrior’s TO in order to prevent damage from successful attacks. AV is determined primarily by the armor’s material. Unless noted elsewhere, AV follows the table below.

Armor Value (AV) Armor Material
1 Heavy or padded cloth
2 Leather
3 Light Mail; Hardened Leather
4 Scaled Armor; Mail; Light Plate
5 Doubled or Banded Mail; Plate
6 Heavy Plate

Armor Penalties: Some Armor items have fractional CP and/or Movement penalties.

  • Armor penalties are listed in each armor type section (e.g. Upper Body, Lower Body)
  • Add all fractions and round up to the resulting total.
  • These resulting numbers represent the penalty to the character’s base CP and Move scores while wearing the armor.
  • Pieces too small or too large will not wear well and carry an additional -1CP penalty per piece.
  • Additionally, the total CP penalty applies as an activation cost to all evasion maneuvers since the heavier the armor, the harder it is to move about quickly to evade attacks.

Yarisal has a base CP 13 and MOV score of 7. While wearing a regular AV4 mail suit he suffers -1 to both, reducing him to CP12 and MOV6 while wearing it. In combat if he wants to evade, he must pay a 1 die activation cost.

In the entries below, each piece of armor is presented along with its description, the materials it may be fashioned from, and a shaded diagram showing the areas it protects.

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Head & Neck Protection

Armor CP Penalty Armor MOV Penalty Armor
.5 Pot Helm with Aventail or Doubled Mail Coif
1 .5 Pot Helm with Aventail or Doubled Mail Coif

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Upper Body Protection

Armor CP Penalty Armor MOV Penalty Armor
Cloth or Leather Sleeves
.5 .5 Leather Sleeves with 2+ Plate Accessories
Mail or Scaled Armor Sleeves

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Lower Body Protection

Armor CP Penalty Armor MOV Penalty Armor
Cloth or Leather Leggings
.5 .5 Leather Leggings with 2+ Plate Accessories
Mail or Scaled Armor Leggings
1 1 Mail or Scaled Armor Leggings with 2+ Plate Accessories
Plate Leggings

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Full Body Suits

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DTN, AV, and Penalties: The blocking DTN of the shield is determined by its size, while the material the shield is fashioned from determines the AV. Both the size and the material may affect the CP and Move penalties of the wearer; simply add the penalties together and add the result to whatever armor penalties have already been calculated.

Passive & Active Protection: As passive instruments, shields act as armor offering almost total protection to the off-hand front side of the body, generally providing between 4-8 points of protection to areas III, XI, and IV on the shield-side depending on the size and make of the shield. Actively, they can be used to deflect blows using the Block maneuver.

Weapons Caught: On occasional weapons can become caught in shields – sometimes by design, such as with thrown weapons like the Francisca and Hurlbat. Weapons stuck in a shield the TN of any maneuvers used with that shield by +1. If the attacker is trying to get the weapon lodged in the shield, compare the attacker’s MOS against the AV of the shield. If the attacker’s MOS is equal to or higher than this number, then the weapon has become lodged. Weapons designed to become stuck in shields treat the AV as one point lower.

The difference between MOS and the AV determines exactly how “stuck” the weapon has become. Roll ST vs the shield’s AV value to win enough successes to pull the weapon free. Doing this while wearing the shield is TN9.

Shield Material Shield AV Shield CP Penalty Shield MOV Penalty
Wood AV4 Wooden shields are inexpensive to make and with careful blocking may last a long time before becoming too damaged for use.
Banded AV6 .5 Some wooden shields are fashioned with metal banding to help maintain the integrity and shape of the wood, and help it last longer against repeated damage.
Metal AV8 .5 .5 Few shields are fashioned from metal as it is not only very heavy and cumbersome but also very expensive.

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Some Armor Examples

City Guardsman: Most city guardsman are not expected to get into any serious trouble. Their main duties are to look menacing and to haul off unarmed troublemakers. This guardsman has a short-sleeved mail Birnie, leather leggings, a pot helm, and a small round wooden shield. He also has a et of Tassets and plate protection to his head but not face. His torso is protected by mail, his pelvis and thighs are protected by plate, and leather protects the rest of his leg. Total CP penalty: None. Move penalty: None.

Mercenary: Mercenaries often pick up what little armor they can find and cobble it to fit. Payment is often low, or in the form of spoils of war and as such no two mercenaries usually look alike, even in the same company. This fellow has managed to salvage a bauded hauberk, a pot helm with an aventail, guantlets and vambraces, leather leggings with knee guards and a banded wooden heater shield. His only really vulnerable part is his face. He has plate protection to his head, mail for hsi neck, arms, and most of his body down to his knees, then plate for his knees and leather for his shins and feet. His lower arms and hadns are well protected by plate also. Total CP Penalty: 2. Total Move Penalty: 2.

Knight: This fully armored knight is ready for battle or the joust. He is wearing a full suit of heavy plate armor, a full helm, and carries a metal kite shield or additional protection. There is no part of his body that is not well protected behind AV6 plate armor and a monstrous shield. Although the movement penalty may seem excessive, that’s because full heavy armor and a heavy shield are generally only used on horseback in jousting when a knight’s MOV is irrelevant. If forced to battle on foot, the average knight would not be able to move much. Total CP Penalty: 4 (3 without the shield). Total Move Penalty: 4 (2 without the shield).

Armor Appendix

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