Gifts and Flaw Appendix 3


Gifts & Flaws

The following Gifts & Flaws are only available to sarrumiza.


Gift of the Ancients | Major Magical Gift

Every few decades one is born: a sarrumiza chosen by grace or lineage. Rayel’s gift is strong in such sorcerers. Most destroy themselves and everyone around them as their power is too great for the untrained to control. The rest are destined to become feared by the world for their great and terrible power.

  • The sarrumiza begins with a bonus 3 dice in their Sorcery Pool.

Enlightened | Major Magical Gift

Those sarrumiza that somehow survive to a ripe old age by natural means often write books of the deep sense of insight and enlightenment that their lives and journeys have brought them. Few actually attain this oneness of mind and body that the elders once possessed. Some say it is as elusive as the Riddle of Making. Characters with this Gift, however, are on the brink of such enlightenment. Their Lower, Middle, and Higher essences have the potential to reach perfect balance.

  • Total Attribute points for Temporal and Mental must be no different than 1.
  • When well-rested, without Strain, and in full Health, all spell CTNs are reduced by 1 point.

Sleepless | Minor Magical Gift

The sarrumiza has discovered the old secret of sleeping with his eyes open.

  • Instead of sleeping the character may elect to enter a powerful and ancient form of meditation that allows him to remain completely conscious and aware. This is unlike the meditation used for Recovery.

Weires’ Tradition | Major Magical Gift

Weires are those sorcerers bonded to a beast, often called a familiar. Weries may have any animal as a companion, but smaller creatures such as ferrets, cats, hawks, bats, and rats are more popular. While granting the sorcerer many benefits, familiars may also pose a dangers to sorcerers.

  • The familiar grants one automatic success on Strain rolls.
  • The sorcerer’s mind is linked to that animal, able to share perception, thought, and emotion. Entering the familiar’s mind in this way deprives the sorcerer of his own body, and for the duration it lies in a catatonic slumber.
  • A Weire riding his familiar in this way may only cast Cantrips.
  • Another sorcerer who holds a weire’s familiar in his power may use the connection between the familiar and weire to target his enemy with Range 3: True Gnosis. If the weire is riding his familiar at the time, the Range would be 1 (Touch) or 2 (Sight).
  • The death of a familiar is a tragic event as the weire feels part of himself were suddenly torn away. This will provoke a Difficult Steel: Tragedy Challenge.

Talisman | Major or Minor Magical Gift

Since the days of the first Cheiu masters, sorcerers have been looking for ways to increase and store their power. Talismans, physical objects that contain their own sarrum, are the result. Though smaller, portable objects are more popular, any physical non-living thing may be a talisman. These powerful artifacts add bonus dice to any spell cast, not unlike the bonuses provided by non-instant spellcasting.

  • Minor version: The character has acquired or made a minor talisman. This charm grants 1 bonus SP when used in a Casting or Ritual.
  • Major version: The character’s talisman is extremely rare. In additional to 2 bonus SP when used in a Casting or Ritual, the talisman also has a special purview – for example, “Healing” or “Binding Spirits” – which grants an additional 1 SP when used in a relevant spell.

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Material Dependence| Major or Minor Magical Flaw

Some sarrumiza had a strict instruction in spellcasting. This often results in a dependence on certain elements involved.

  • Minor Version: The spellcaster must use a particular element (Gestures, Incantation, Talisman) in order to cast – even during Cantrips. If this is unavailable, he suffers -3 SP. These dice are not spent; they are simply unavailable.
  • Major Version: The spellcaster is wholly dependent on a particular element (Gestures, Incantation, Talisman) in order to cast – even during Cantrips. If this element is unavailable, he casts Rituals and Castings at -3SP and may not cast Cantrips.

Haunted | Major or Minor Magical Flaw

In their dealings with the Otherworld, many sorcerers attract the unwanted attention of certain spirits or Unseelie Seidhe.

  • Minor Version: The sarrumiza is irritated and bothered by a single entity. It may be hard to sleep at night. Once per story the entity may make things more difficult for them.
  • Major Version: The sorcerer is tormented constantly by many spirits or one troublemaking seidhe. In addition to the consequences above, the haunted character can’t do much to stop the barrage of voices and visions. His reactions may cause others to deem him mad.

Gifts and Flaw Appendix 3

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