Proficiency Appendix 2



Bow Cut & Thrust Longsword Pole-Axe Spear & Shield
Brawling Darts Mass Weapons Rapier Sword & Shield
Case of Rapiers Doppelhander Modified Tools Slings Thrown Blades
Crossbow Escrima Open Hand Small Blades Trident & Net
Curved Blades Lances Pole-Arms Spear & Javelin Wrestling

Sword & Shield

One of the oldest styles in Erd, the sword-and-shield is still taught throughout the lands. It is the favored style of the gentry and nobility of Polm, and it is an excellent combination for cavalry and mounted knights. The shield’s ease of use makes this one of the most defensive styles. Weapons: One-handed sword and medium sized shield around 18” – 2’ across.

-2 Default -3 Default -4 Default
Cut & Thrust, Escrima, Longsword, Mass weapons, Curved blades, Spear & Shield Case of Rapiers, Doppelhander, Modified tools, Pole-arms, Pole-axe, Rapier Small blades, Open hand, Brawling, Wrestling
Offensive Maneuvers Defensive Maneuvers

Thrown Blades | Missile Proficiency

  • Weapons: Daggers, knives, throwing knives.
  • Preparation time: Typically 2 (in hand) to 3 (from sheath)
  • Defaults: From Small Blades -3.

Trident & Net | Melee Proficiency

In exotic gladiatorial-style tournaments, this style of fighting has proven to be popular entertainment. It is unlikely this style would be used on the battlefield, but Net Throw might be a useful maneuver for hunters. Weapons: Tridents 6’ – 8’ long and large nets carried in the other hand

-1 Default -2 Default -3 Default -4 Default
Mass weapons, Pole-arms, Spear & Shield Modified tools, Sword & Shield Doppelhander, Pole-axe, Rapier Case of Rapiers, Cut & Thrust, Small blades, Escrima, Longsword, Open hand, Brawling, Curved blades, Wrestling
Offensive Maneuvers Defensive Maneuvers

Wrestling | Melee Proficiency

This is a desperate style, the only option for unarmed characters. Still, fighters often find themselves on the ground unarmed, and so many styles of wrestling exist in the martial world. See the Blood & Iron: Wrestling & Grappling for more information.

-1 Default -3 Default -4 Default
Small blades, Open hand, Brawling Case of Rapiers, Cut & Thrust, Escrima, Longsword, Modified tools, Rapier Doppelhander, Mass weapons, Pole-arms, Pole-axe, Curved blades, Sword & Shield, Spear & Shield, Trident & Net
Offensive Maneuvers Defensive Maneuvers

Proficiency Appendix 2

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