The Chronicles


Anál nathrach, orth’ bháis’s bethad, do chél dénmha.
The Omen of Making

A candle’s light is sufficient to illuminate the large dusty tomes. Each is labeled in several tongues for their content is valued by every child of Polm. In the King’s Speech they are collectively known as The Chronicles of Erd.


The stars surrounding Erd, celestial witnesses to time and the long defeat, wane in their brightness each season. Remnants of strange and ancient cultures are found in dark corners and long-forgotten hallways that have not known sunlight for eons. Cities are built from the bones of extinct civilizations and village children play under the shadow of dark monuments, oblivious to their original dark purpose.


Despite the staggering age of the land, her inhabitants, the mortals of Erd, are scattered and divided. The kindred races of Erd are separated from each other by vast, wild, and dark distances. Cruel and stormy seas hide the Svartan barbarian clans from one another and from the bloodlines of the hostile lizardkin. Though Polm has many mighty city-states, paragons of military strength and cultural development, the land itself is far from safe or civilized. Long stretches of shadowy forests hide from everyday sight the enigmatic fey and elder forest gods. The central grasslands roll out from the north all the way to the southern Riverlands like an inviting sea of green. Yet they are also home to the nomadic and brutal horselords and reisen, monstrous beastmen.


The harsh and dangerous realities of Erd threaten life in every way. In these wild lands mortals do not have the luxury of much else than food on a table. Villages and tribes perish, their inhabitants sold into slavery or worse, unless their warriors are strong and brave enough or if they are fortunate enough to have a powerful one – a hunted sorcerer, revered godspoken, wise shaman, or damnable oath-breaker. In those places where the light of law and order and the blessings of civilization may be found, a greater danger yet still lies for the human nations of Polm are held in political and ideological alliance by a thread of a hope – the Bloodstone Covenant, which is continually threatened by corruption, the shadowy plots of wizard cabals, and ruthless political games. Without the covenant mankind is on the brink of falling back into the darkness of the old days where there was no freedom except by fire and steel.


Tales of Dyn : Lost stories of what was.
Record of the Riverwars : Adventures of the Prince’s Men.
Ribknot Chronicles : A time of courage and shadows.
Legacy of Orphans : A great recompense at the end of the age.

The Chronicles

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