Gift and Flaw Appendix


Gifts & Flaws

Gifts and flaws represent the more unique aspects of a character including his reputation or permanent wounds or disabilities.

  • Major Gifts and Flaws (M) are significant advantages and disadvantages, and are generally rare amongst average mortal people.
  • Minor Gifts and Flaws (m) are more common; almost everybody has one or two.
  • Many gifts and flaws are available in both major and minor severity.
  • During character creation two minor gifts or flaws are equal to one major.
  • Magical Gifts grant characters of certain legacies access to vagaries or other supernatural abilities.


Accuracy (Mm) Area Knowledge (m) Enchanter Tradition (m) Large (m) Prosperous (m) Sixth Sense (M)
Ally (Mm) Beauty of Legends (Mm) Favored Maneuver (M) Linguist (m) Quick Healing (M) True Leadership (M)
Ambidexterity (M) Blood of Steel (Mm) Godspoken (m) Miracle Worker (M) Renown (Mm) Unknown Style (m)
Animal Kin (Mm) Dark Pact (m) Hexed (m) Nondescript (m) Sense of Direction (m) Veteran’s Luck (m)
Arcane Training (m) Dead Ringer (Mm) Intuition (m) Patron (Mm) Shamanic Tradition (m) Winds’ Blessing (m)


Addiction (m) Bloodlust (M) Debt (Mm) Greedy (M) Little (m) Overconfident (Mm) Tormented (Mm) Vow (Mm)
Amputee (Mm) Chauvinist (M) Doom (M) Hemophilia (M) Infamy (Mm) Phobia (Mm) Sleep Disorder (Mm) Transparent Technique (M)
Bad Luck (M) Coward (M) Forsworn (Mm) Lecherousness (m) Nemesis (Mm) Rage (M) Stigma (Mm) Troublemaker (m)
Bad Temper (m) Dead Ringer (m) Godspoken Vow (m) Lingering Injury (Mm) Obese (Mm) Secret (Mm) Superstitious (m) Ugly (Mm)


Gifts and Flaws are attained during character creation through the priority table and during gameplay through the expenditure of SAs. Additionally, characters may attain certain Gifts and Flaws in play as the result of a botched roll or dramatic turn of events. Gifts and Flaws can be lost through character development. See Legacies & Legends: Spending SAs.


The following list is only a sample of possible Gifts and Flaws. Players are encouraged to create their own unique aspects that fit their character. The mechanical benefits and drawbacks of these new traits should balance with the ones in this appendix.


As with Instinct, when a player allows one of his flaws to significantly complicate the plot, he may earn one Drama point. The point is awarded once the disadvantage occurs. Several flaws include WP rolls to resist their negative effects. Instead of rolling, a player may instead spend a Drama point.

Ver Yalrit is a young knight who sees fame and renown as deservedly his. He has Major Flaw: Greedy. While courting the beautiful daughter of a noble, Yalrit is asked by the duke whether he is responsible for the recent capture of a heinous criminal. Yalrit could resist taking credit and lying to the duke – a Tricky challenge – but he really wants to impress the duke and win his daughter’s affection, so he lies and claims the deed, embellishing the story with his own personal flair. Several days later Yalrit is confronted by the duke in the daughter’s bed chambers. The duke, having discovered the truth, has the knight arrested. As he is taken off to jail, the storyteller awards him a drama point.


Accuracy | Major or Minor Gift

In the whirl of combat one rarely strikes the exact location that one aims for. Those with the gift of Accuracy, however, have an uncanny ability to predict the subtle movements of their opponents and react instantly.

  • Minor version: Character may modify their d6 Hit Location roll by 1 point up or down when using stable hand-held weapons (not bows or flails).
  • Major version: The character may modify their d6 Hit Location roll by 1 point up or down with missile weapons, flails, and other less accurate or unstable weapons. Hit Location rolls made with other weapons may be modified by 3 points up or down.

Ally | Major or Minor Gift

The character has won the respect or affection of allies.

  • Minor version: The character has an intimate relationship with a Journeyman contact.
  • Major version: The character has an intimate relationship with a Master contact as well as an affiliation with the contact’s primary circle.
  • The character’s relationship with contacts gained through this gift never suffer the negative effects of a failure or botch.
  • See the Skill Appendix: Circles for more information.

Ambidexterity | Major Gift

Those born with this gift are neither right- or left-handed and may use either hand as if it were their main hand.

  • The character gains a +1 CP Edge when attacking with a one-handed weapon in his left hand in duel-like situations.
  • If one arm is wounded, the other may be used at no penalty.
  • The storyteller may award Edge for any REF or AG situation where ambidexterity would prove advantageous.

Animal Kin | Major or Minor Gift

This gift creates a meaningful bond with animals of all types. Those who posses this gift are not likely to be attacked by animals, are gifted trainers, and can gain the trust of an animal in very little time.

  • Minor version: +2 Edge to any roll that involves communication or interaction with domesticated animals, and +1 Edge when dealing with wild animals.
  • Major version: +3 Edge to rolls with both wild and domestic animals.
  • Uses include training, calming, and even riding animals.

Arcane Training | Magic Minor Gift | Requires Gifted Bloodline

Often children will exhibit strange and often unexplainable talents: knowing the name of strangers without having to ask, crying incessantly an hour before a terrible storm. In lower class society these episodes are ignored or hidden out of superstitious fear. A character with Arcane Training was fortunate enough to have been discovered and trained with a master of the arts.

  • This gift gives a Gifted character access to sorcery as a Cheiu Apprentice or Adept.
  • This gift also requires a Caste of Low or High Freeman

Area Knowledge | Minor Gift

While everybody knows the land that they grew up in, those with this gift are intimately familiar with the local country-sized region.

  • Character’s Lore SR is 3 on challenges or contests involving the character’s homeland.
  • Character’s Lore SR is 6 on challenges or contests involving the surrounding lands of the character’s homeland.
  • These SRs are in effect even if the character does not have training in the Lore skill.

Beauty of Legends | Major or Minor Gift

Those born with this gift will be spoken of by generations to come.

  • Minor version: The character is so markedly beautiful or handsome that he stands out in a crowd and nearly always attracts members of the opposite sex. Any rolls that are directly affected by beauty (such as social and performance challenges) are always made with +1 Edge.
  • Major version: The character is stunning, easily sticking out in a crowd of beautiful people. It is not unlikely that during their adventures characters with this gift will have songs written about them. Members of the opposite sex often become irrationally enamored or charmed. All die rolls affected by appearance gain +3 Edge.
  • In addition to these mechanical benefits, those with this gift are simply treated better than their less attractive counterparts.
  • The downside of this gift, however, is that beautiful people often attract too much attention, and can even evoke jealousy and enmity.

Blood of Steel | Major or Minor Gift

Some men are naturally resistant to disease and poison.

  • Minor version: The strength of all poisons administered to the character are reduced by 1 level; the character gains a one-time +1 Edge to resist and recover from diseases.
  • Major version: The strength of all poisons administered to the character are reduced by 3 levels; the character gains a one-time +3 Edge to resist and recover from diseases.

Dark Pact | Magic Minor Gift | Requires Gifted Bloodline

In the old tongue they were once called varð-lokkur, those that commune with spirits. In the land of the Bloodstone Covenant, however, they are værlog, oath-breakers. Værlog form a pact with glau, beings of hunger and madness from the Outer Dark. Unlike the druid priests of the Old Faith who garner favor with the spirits of nature, these oath-breakers carry the Glau’s dark essence within them, wielding terrible and limitless power unbound by the Great Chain.

  • This gift gives a Gifted character access to sorcery as a værlog and to the dark Apotheosis attribute.
  • This gift also requires that the character begin with the Doom spiritual attribute. See Magic & Mysteries for more information.

Dead Ringer | Minor Gift

The character looks remarkably like a high-profile individual.

  • Gift version: This person is respected and the character enjoys a +2 Edge where appropriate.
  • Dead Ringer is also a Flaw. See Minor Flaw: Dead Ringer.

Enchanter Tradition | Magical Minor Gift | Requires Talented Bloodline

The character with this gift has had the opportunity to practice hedge wizardry. Unlike the refined and powerful Cheiu, countryside enchanters more often than not rely on smoke, charms, and other materials and ritual practices that properly trained sorcerers would consider superstitious. However, hedge magicians are still very much feared and respected by the common village folk.

  • This gift gives a Talented character access to sorcery as a ritualist.
  • See Magic & Mysteries for more information.

Favored Maneuver | Major Gift

The character is very fond of a particular weapon maneuver. It was one of the first he learned and he has mastered it beyond his skill as a whole.

  • The character chooses one offensive or defensive maneuver he knows and gives it an original name and descriptive flair.
  • When performing his chosen maneuver for the first time in a melee, he gains an additional +3 CP to his roll.
  • This bonus is cumulative with any school benefits.

Godspoken | Magic Minor Gift | Requires Talented Bloodline

From an early age the Godspoken knows he has been elected by a transcendent god or great spirit to work its will in Erd. Many young Godspoken are driven mad from the overwhelming horror of pure charis. Others are thought to be possessed because of the strange behaviors they often exhibit: washing or flaying themselves until they bleed, talking to themselves, and knowing secrets they shouldn’t know. A Godspoken who is discovered, nurtured, and trained properly, are revered in Erd as saints and prophets.

  • This gift gives a Talented character access to sorcery as a Chosen.
  • This gift also grants access to Miracle Working. See Magic & Mysteries for more information.
  • This gift also requires the character take Minor Flaw: Godspoken Vow.

Hexed | Magic Minor Gift | Requires Gifted Bloodline

Wandering the woods and streets of Polm go the hexed, the cursed ones who bring misfortune wherever they trod. It’s said that milk sours in the jar and tools snap at the hilt whenever they walk by. A popular legend holds that at the heels of a hexed, hidden behind his shadow, a gremlin follows him close by causing mischief and mayhem. In return for carrying the seidhe in his shadow, so the legend goes, the marked ones have the gremlin’s boon, unholy seidhe esses which gives them magical powers.

  • This gift gives a Gifted character access to sorcery as a Marked.
  • The hexed character believes he is accompanied by a mischievous or even evil gremlin, a minor seidhe.
  • The gremlin, if he truly exists, is not visible to anyone else in the moral realm.
  • The gremlin’s desire for mayhem and ruin is insatiable. It will call on the character to work mischief on the naturally peaceful and orderly world around them.
  • The gremlin has no loyalty to the character’s friends and allies. Once per story the storyteller may secretly increase the obstacle of any contest or challenge faced by the marked or his allies. If the test fails, the storyteller may reveal the gremlin’s part in it.
  • See the Tomes of the Masters for more information on the origin of the gremlin and the hexed.

Intuition | Minor Gift

Some people are lucky and others just know how to guess. Characters with this gift have the innate ability to guess right.

  • Once per story when a character guesses as to the solution of a problem such as choosing the right door, his chance of success is increased by 50%. For example, given two doors, an intuitive character would have a 75% chance of success.
  • When a character fails a skill test, he realizes that he doesn’t know the needed information. The storyteller may then make an intuition roll for the player using APT with a half again bonus to the pool versus the appropriate skill rating. The storyteller keeps the actual result a secret and gives the character the necessary information if he succeeds.
  • If a character botches his skill test, his character believes the wrong information as usual.

Barbed Arrow is leading his allies through a dense forest. They are on the trail of a gang of slavers. Barbed Arrow fails a Tricky PER/Tracking challenge in the wood to discover whether the slavers headed deeper into the woods or east towards the mountains. He won 2 successes but needed 3. Barbed Arrow decides to follow his gut and use his gift of Intuition. Since he has Aptitude 6, the storyteller rolls 9 vs the Arrow’s Survival SR. The storyteller rolls 3 successes, so he just barely passes. The storyteller says, “You’re pretty sure the slavers wouldn’t try taking their prisoners over those mountains.” Barbed Arrow trusts his intuition and leads the party deeper into the woods.

Large | Minor Gift

The character is a tower, standing at near seven feet tall.

  • The character’s reach is effectively improved by 1 step.
  • The character intimidates others easily. He has Edge for most Intimidation challenges.
  • The character cannot hide easily. He suffers negative Edge for most Stealth challenges and archers gain a +1 Edge to hit him.

Linguist | Minor Gift

The character has a talent for language.

  • The character begins play with one additional language.
  • All additional languages acquired begin with a -1 SR bonus.

Miracle Worker | Magic Major Gift | Requires Uncommon Bloodline or greater

For whatever reason, the gods and great spirits of Erd occasionally grant the petitions of those upon whom they bestow their charis. Like the emissary of the immortals, the Miracle Worker carries the supernatural authority of the gods.

  • This gift requires the character to take and keep the Faith spiritual attribute.
  • This gift grants access to the Miracle Working ability. See Magic & Mysteries for more information

Nondescript | Minor Gift

The character is average-looking, allowing him to blend in well with others. People can take in every detail of his face and later find it impossible to describe.

  • People attempting to remember the nondescript hero suffer -2 to -3 Edge depending on the character’s attire or actions.
  • The character suffers -1 Edge to all leadership type rolls.

Patron | Major or Minor Gift

The character, like many artists, explorers, and swordsmen, is in the general employ of someone more powerful. In return for occasional services, they see to the character’s day-to-day needs: food, shelter, and other basic resources.

  • Minor gift: Minor patrons are usually lesser landless nobility or else stingy nobility.
  • Major gift: Major patrons are powerful nobility or groups with a large deal of money to burn.
  • This is a common gift for characters with the knight concept.

Prosperous| Minor Gift

The character is well-off for his social class. He was fortunate enough to inherit, earn, steal, or otherwise acquire substantial resources.

  • Character gains twice as many parcels as others in his Caste . For example, a prosperous Low Freeman would earn 2 parcels a month instead of 1, and a well-off High Freeman would gain 8 parcels instead of 4.

Quick Healing | Major Gift

The character recovers very quickly from wounds.

  • The character doubles his HT when making an extended healing challenge or else he rolls twice as often.

Renown | Major or Minor Gift

The character has more than just a good reputation in his area. He is remembered specifically for great and heroic deeds. As his story continues, people are more likely to pay attention to his accomplishments and perhaps even embellish descriptions of him or his exploits.

  • Minor version: +1 Edge to any roll that directly involves their reputation. Locals will buy them drinks and generally do nice things for the respectable character. Recognizing someone with a minor reputation is a Tricky APT test. Each success brings more information regarding that person’s reputation.
  • Major version: +3 Edge to any roll that directly involves their reputation in a nation-sized area. Locals will seek them out for help, advice, or just to meet them, or they will generally do what they can to associate themselves with the local hero. Recognizing someone with a renown is a Simple to Average APT test. Each success brings more information regarding that person’s reputation.
  • These bonuses are not cumulative with other gifts.
  • These bonuses are cumulative with reputation specializations for the Circles skill.
  • These bonuses may become equal penalties when dealing with villainous characters or those who don’t take kindly to heroes.

Shamanic Tradition | Magic Minor Gift | Requires Talented Bloodline

The character has trained in the way of the spiritual medium. Unlike the refined and powerful Cheiu, tribal shamans and witch doctors rely on smoke, charms, and other materials and ritual practices that properly trained sorcerers would consider superstitious. However, shamans are often the advisors and leaders of tribes.

  • This gift gives a Talented character access to sorcery as a spiritualist. See Magic & Mysteries for more information.

Sense of Direction | Minor Gift

The character has a gift for finding his way around unfamiliar territory.

  • +2 Edge to all challenges, such as PER/Survival: Tracking, to avoid becoming lost.
  • This bonus is cumulative with specialization bonuses.

Sixth Sense | Major Gift

The character has revelation and sudden certainties.

  • Once per story the character may spend a Drama point to activate his sixth sense.
  • The character then declares two actions: a primary and an alternative.
  • The primary action is played out. If the result of that action is undesirable, the character may then decide to use his alternative action instead.

True Leadership | Major Gift

Most anyone can learn to lead others, but some are born with the power to lead. Those with this gift invariably find themselves in positions of leadership.

  • Characters automatically gain the trust and support of others who look to them at times of crisis.
  • Once a story +4 Edge to a challenge that concerns leadership or follower loyalty.

Unknown Style | Minor Gift

The character learned to fight in an unconventional or rare style or school. This makes it harder for his opponents to read his maneuvers and respond to them.

  • Any opponent who attempts to analyze the character’s style suffers -2 Edge.
  • See Blood & Iron: Using Skills in Combat for more information.

Veteran’s Luck | Minor Gift

A warrior’s skill is forged in battle, but for those who have survived the unsurvivable, combat may have also improved their fortune on the battlefield.

  • Once per session when struck by an opponent, the character may move the result of the Hit Location roll up or down one point.

Winds’ Blessing | Minor Gift

Even the most rationally minded man calls for Otherworldy help when in a bind. The character has grown to trust that something out there grants him grace but demands balance.

  • Once per session the character spend a Drama point to call on the airt, gods, or other patrons of the Otherworld for help.
  • The character may re-roll a test he just made but is unhappy with.
  • The character must accept the results of this second roll.
  • After this at any point before the end of the current story the storyteller has the option to call for Balance and ask the character to re-roll a successful challenge he has just made.
  • The character must accept the results of this second roll.

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